About The Artists

Aliina Lindroos is a Finnish dancer, performer and choreographer. Dance and physical theatre are her principal domains yet she is interested in creating interdisciplinary performance. She has worked for and collaborated with diverse artists and companies in Ireland and abroad. She is currently living in Berlin for further training and personal research purposes. Her own work continues to explore themes surrounding complex relationships we have with environment regardless if they are biological or sociological, personal or political.

Moran Been-noon is an Israeli Dublin-based new media arts practitioner and researcher. Her work critiques the political aspects of everyday life, using whatever medium best serves the concept. She earned an MFA degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts in NY. During her PhD studies, she curated several gallery shows and worked on various art and design projects. She is currently a co-director and treasurer of Platform Arts in Belfast, and working as an independent curator and artist.

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