Aliina Lindroos and Moran Been-noon are collaborators on an ongoing project entitled Landing, which focuses on ideas of ‘Belonging’ and ‘Foreign’. Lindroos is originally from Finland and now lives between Dublin and Berlin and her practice is rooted in dance and performance. Been-noon is an Israeli Dublin-based artist and curator. Both artists are migrants out of choice, both are away from their native land, and they are interested in exploring the meaning of a home, and the relationship between this term and one’s physicality and identity. They are particularly interested in exploring the psychological processes of acculturation experienced by migrants. Drawing on choreography, video, installation and multimedia performance, the artists will work in the community of Dublin 15 collecting personal and public experiences of acculturation, which are then interpreted in the form of visuals and movement.

Landing & Acculturation *
The scale we looked at as the scope of acculturation psychology in relation to this project runs along the following axes: assimilation-integration-marginalisation-separation. This scale acted as the lead consideration in the design of the various elements – the space, the video work, the performance.

* this concept was researched in reference to Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation (1997) by John W. Berry.