Landing Collective focuses on ideas of ‘Belonging’ and ‘Foreign’, making original work in dance, visual and moving image art. Aliina Lindroos is a Finn  living between Dublin and Helsinki, and her practice is rooted in dance and performance. Moran Been-noon is an Israeli Dublin-based artist and curator, both are migrants out of choice. Drawing on choreography, video, installation and multimedia performance, the artists research and create work that responds to the everyday post-migration life in the form of visuals and movement. Most recently the work was connected to concepts of tradition and heritage especially in women’s history, exploring how craft-related traditions are fundamental parts of one’s national, local and individual identity. 

During our Draíocht residency in 2018 we researched crafts such as lace making and distressing fabric. As a result we created a full length multidisciplinary performance, which premiered in Finland at Lahti Fringe Festival in September 2018. Landing Collective was awarded an Arts Council Travel and Training bursary in Oct 2018 to research women’s textile traditions under the mentorship of the award winning, London-based designer, Lucy Tammam. In 2020, much like everyone else, we started collaborating long-distance and thinking about borders. We hope to be able to create meaningful work in this new situation.

About The Artists

Aliina Lindroos is a dancer, performer and choreographer working in Ireland and Finland.
While dance is her principle domain, Lindroos finds cross-disciplinary approach and highly collaborative projects the most rewarding way to produce work. She has worked for, collaborated and researched with international choreographers and companies such as Raimund Hoghe, Protein Dance Company, United Fall, Marguerite Donlon and Jeremy Wade among others. In her own work Lindroos explores complex relationships we have with nature, history and class. A lot of her work is currently focused on manifestations of memories and trauma in bodies.

Moran Been-noon is a Dublin-based visual artist, independent curator, and art writer. As an artist she predominantly makes moving image installations, with a subject matter focus on political identity and post-migration living. Her recent work involves exploring physical manipulations of voice, skin, and landscapes in order to examine questions of foreignness and belonging. As a curator she is primarily interested in multiplatform group exhibitions, with a commitment to expanded practice. She is believes in inclusive curating, and her current focus is on work created on the spectrum between land art practice, traditionally-feminine creative crafts, and contemporary art practice.

Landing Collective


‘Foreign Tide’ at THEN, WHAT IF?  at Five Points Launchpad: 5 Water street, Torrington, CT


‘Home Is Where’ at Lahti Fringe Festival 2018, Finland
‘Foreign Tide’ moving image, Eye’s Walk Digital festival 2018, Ano Syros, Greece
‘Weaved Memory’ – print, Take Heart fundraiser in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 1 Bagots Hutton, Dublin
‘Home Is Where?’ performance, Witches for Repeal II event, MVP, Dublin 8
‘Folded In Tradition’ performance, PERFORMANCE PLATFORM, Draíocht,
Blanchardstown Curated by Sharon Murphy
‘Folded In Tradition’ performance, LIVESTOCK Live Art, MART, Dublin, curated by
Francis Fay & Eleanor Lawler
‘Can you hear the birds from the water?’ & ‘Topography’ 2-channel moving image,
PLATFORM 2018, Draíocht, Curated by Sharon Murphy
‘The Land Wants Me Here’ video installation, transmediale/CTM Vorspiel 2018:
Emerge/ncy at Galerie Mausefalle, Berlin, Germany


‘Can you hear the birds from the water?’ moving image, Joint Effort II, Lubbock, TX, USA, curated by Expanded Draught: Allison Regan & Cody Arnall


‘Landing, Channel One’ moving image, PXVI Members Show, Platform Arts, Belfast ‘Landing’ performance & gallery exhibition at Eight Gallery, Dublin