New channels, new fields: Landing News!

We are a moving image/dance collaboration, however this practice exists with a constant relationship with other forms of art and expression. So we decided to branch out a little.


On the 10th May we’re going to take part in Take Heart PoP-Up art sale ( dedicated to collecting funds for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre with our first print piece. We’re delighted to be part of such an important initiative, please come see and buy some art for this important cause.
Take Heart Pop Up Art Sale 10th May, Bagots Hutton, Ormond Quay, 6pm-8pm


Audio work is essential for both moving image and performance. Since we started working we produced a few interested audio pieces, including collaborative work with musicians who wrote pieces for us. We decided to publish these separately so we’re delighted to launch Landing on Bandcamp!
Find our profile here:
More work to come to the 2018 album very soon!


Finally, to help follow our news, in addition to the #LandingCollective hashtag, we not have an official Landing Collective user on Instagram. Here will come announcements of performances, exhibitions, and new work completed. Start following here:
For our random studio rants, you can keep following the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or our Facebook page

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