Wrapping up our residency: reflections on the last days

All good things come to an end, and so do artist residencies. Having worked remotely in various places before, we both come into this residency with serious motivation and determination to make the most out of the studio and black box space. One of our aims of this residency was to produce a full length performance piece, something very difficult to accomplish working remotely. Happily we got it done!

Over the two months in Draíocht we created a good body of work. Some of the short pieces we generated function perfectly as standalone works which is wonderful as they give us flexibility. These pieces are easy to insert in programmes of short performances. These kind of bite-sized performances seem increasingly popular in festival programs and cultural events. Nevertheless, on our last week we wanted to rearrange our creative material and the narratives written, and put it all together in a format of a full length, coherent performance piece. Actually we now have two full length performances, choreographed with projections and audio. We redeveloped some of the previous choreography and played with the order of already existing sequences. The visuals got the same makeover. At this stage we really had to consider the overall picture, how the narrative makes sense in a progression from a beginning to a continued story.  There’s no real ending to stories of acculturation and post-migration as we know it, so the idea of radical resolution or relief is tricky. For us an ‘ending’ in this context is more about the aesthetic and technical ending of a performance piece. Perhaps that’s why a lot of our work has such a ghostly feeling to it.


From our performances during the earlier stages of the residency we learned which parts of the visuals and dance needed reworking. Time proved to be a significant factor, one that made this longer residency so valuable. In order to see things with fresh eyes, we had to step away from the work and have time in between in order to truly see the work more objectively. During this residency we worked on various aspects of a production. This made the creative process a lot more fun and fruitful.

Once we decided the structure of the new version, we rehearsed the choreography and documented it. Additionally we re-recorded some of the audio with a actual recording equipment to improve the audio quality. What a difference does a high quality equipment make! It’s with melancholic feelings we finish this residency but we’re extremely happy with the work we’ve made.

We would like to thank everyone at Draíocht Arts Centre and Sharon Murphy for this INCUBATE Residency opportunity. This was a pivotal moment for our collaborative project, and we are hoping to showcase our work soon.

We will keep you posted!


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