Week 5: prepare to reshuffle and starting to tie the ends

During the weeks of residence we had three primary activities: developing the last bits a piece we had started right before it, with a movement and visual language that speak of the connection of the body to land and water, and the idea of belonging; building up on our “tradition” choreographies; applying for future opportunities, festivals, residencies etc. Week 5 had a little of all three.

We started the week with two days of intense practice both in the dance and the visual art studio looking at our tradition material from the final point of view for this project: distress, using last week’s research and placing it in the context of the work done before. We did work on the choreography but also took some time to think of how the projections would fit into this part, as it’s faster, and not as easy to dialogue necessarily. It’s also reflecting a moment of internal struggle that’s responsive to a social view of migrants, rather than just an internal conflicts. It cannot be the same. Over the next two weeks we are looking forward to looking at all three sections of ‘Folding in Tradition’: folding, machine, distress, and re-constructing them into a cohesive piece.

It was great fun to do a shooting session in the black box dance studio, creating the final projection part of our Belonging performance piece. The all-black background allowed for quality high-contrast footage with the choreography written a few weeks ago it was a treat of a session. We hope to be able to perform this piece soon, now that it’s basically complete. We’ll look into adding the new footage into some of the moving image work, but that’s for the summer.

On Thursday we were delighted to have Sarah O’Neill, Fingal County Council Deputy Arts Officer, to talk about our work. It was a great conversation and we learned a lot about the Council’s support of artists in Fingal and in general, they have a lot to be proud of. We hope to have the chance to work with The Fingal Arts office in the future. We finished the week with joining in to various Repeal The 8th activities over the weekend, a fine ending for a week of work.


Coming up in the next few weeks: we have a good long to-do list to develop a couple of more online outcome channels, and a production plan to finish producing studio material over the two weeks left in our residency. We’ll also have news of an important group exhibition we’re part of in an unexpected way. Watch this space!


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