Two sides of tradition: 4th week

After Tuesday’s Platform Performance we wanted to leave folding and all things (bitter)sweet related to fabrics and tradition in peace and move onto a completely different realm of tradition. The two short pieces we developed for Livestock and Performance Platform tended to be very soft and slow quality in movement. The memories we connected to the material were generally lovely and positive. The content presented a scale of emotions from pride to longing, comfort and hope. However, for a migrant tradition often has two sides. While cherishing traditions may support a healthy and balanced migrant identity, some might come with emotional triggers and negative aspects. Not all traditions are worth keeping. Keeping certain traditions and letting go of others are the ongoing elements of identity construction which generates the psychological process of acculturation. Therefore we proceeded to explore the idea of distress as a contrasting aspect of tradition. The practical process of distressing fabric functioned as our starting point. There are various methods to distress a fabric and we used these as a source to start investigate movement. After improvising in the black box we noted that explosions, bursts of energy, changing dynamics and high tempo emerged as connecting actions to experiment distress in tradition through the body and movement. We will continue to explore these actions next week and additionally work on ideas for moving image choreography that can be paired with new ‘distress’ choreography.







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  1. Reading Aliina’s text about this week’s work and the topic of distress made me realise there was a gap in how we were thinking about the work, which will make next week even more interesting as we tackle this gap. To me the distress was in the migrant scope – when remembering is distressing due to it no longer being part of you, or due to it being judged in your new culture, or due to a memory becoming distant and/or amplified you feel it’s almost imaginary.

    I guess tomorrow we’ll encounter the two angles and thought threads head on in the studio.


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