Ups and downs and decisions: 3rd week of Draíocht residency

The third residency week was a difficult one in a way. Having profound will and eagerness to work with the space and time allocated for the work, it is hard to remain patient when other factors prevent one from giving their everything and totally surrendering to the work. In other words, the sickness from previous week lingered still which meant making decisions regarding the coming Performance Platform. Additionally Easter holidays interrupted our usual intense Monday to Friday work flow just like in the previous week. However, one must carry on. We decided to continue working on our short pieces on tradition which we presented at Livestock as they were fresh on our mind. We had initially planned to showcase different material at Performance Platform. This mentioned material is from a full length piece we are currently working on but we came to the conclusion to leave that for later performances.

While re-working the tradition pieces and making them more suitable for performing in the lower gallery space in Draíocht, we came to reconsider relationship with audience and each other. Because our work is challenging in its performance format, and this particular tradition piece is rather internal, we decided to make few small but distinctive spatial changes in the choreography. This is vital if we truly want to connect with the space and audience around us. It is partly technical, partly artistic matter. And truly, every single performance space is different and requires close attention when making decisions regarding connection between performers and spectators. Dynamic changes of choreography in individual spaces and fully utilising the performance environment help us to further define our relationship in this particular piece.

We wrapped the week by getting familiar with some basic recording equipment in order to re-record audio material. This was rather satisfying: having a clear, mechanical task and seeing tangible, fast results felt like a treat at this stage. But now lets look forward: We are really excited about Performance Platform (check the Facebook event) on this coming Tuesday! In addition to the four performances on the night, Sara Muthi will lead a conversation between the artists. Perhaps after Tuesday you might have more questions about or interest towards our work. If so, do gives us a shout or come visit us in the studio.

Photo: Amber Baruch


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