Short days, long hours: 2nd week at Draíocht and a LIVESTOCK performance

Our second week was one of those weeks that are really great and really difficult at the same time. Since it started with a bank holiday Monday, and a sick day (in which we tele-commuted), the “work week” at the studio was only three days long. Since during the weekend we got accepted to perform at LIVESTOCK Performance Platform, which happened on the 24th March (the Saturday), we had a lot to do!

The satisfying part was really the type of work we got to do. After last week we gathered ideas and movements and collected memories of tradition into videos and choreography, this week we got to put them together: the moves, the visuals, and the audio. One of the best aspects of this part of the process is when we realised we were so focused on production we stepped away for a moment from the idea, and as we rehearsed we got back to the questions of what it all means. We participated in LIVESTOCK with one of our tradition-themed pieces, and rehearsals were intense when we worked to transformed the moves we brought from our memories to a choreography showing those moments when a memory of tradition shows up in ones mind.

As a migrant many of the day-to-day ways we remember tradition are absent. We don’t get to hang out with our family and see their movement to remember childhood, we don’t walk through the streets and places we grew up in to have an image, a taste, or a smell pop into our mind. But sometimes a movement we do ourselves would send our thoughts to when we first saw it: yarn rolling, dough kneading, laundry folding. Other times it’s a word, or an image, that are there all the time are like a ray of light we walk through and it lights up a forgotten tradition. We were delighted to be included in LIVESTOCK and share a “stage” with very talented experimental performers, for us it was an chance to review ok work and its viability in front of an audience and we’ll process this aspect during week three. If you saw us perform and have feedback, please get in touch.

We have another busy week and a lot of plans coming up, we’re still enjoying studio time together and the invite to come and visit us stands: we’re always happy to chat about the work, and about acculturation. Follow us on Facebook for updates on our next performance and other adventures!

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