Tradition, cloth and repetition: 1st week at Draíocht

One week of our residency at Draíocht is behind us and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made and the opportunities we’re facing. We got to the studio with two thematic purposes to develop:

  1. Tradition in the context of migration: we talked about how and whether tradition is something we keep, and how keeping it impacts the life of migrants. We further discussed the idea of hide and reveal in this context; tradition in Israel and Finland resonated to us both the skin-to-cloth relationship. In Israel, which has a culture that feeding from religion, a traditional person would be covered as a sign of being humble and god-fearing. In Finland, the pagan tradition of celebrating nature through accepting the body’s place in had left bare skin acceptable for locals attending the baths or saunas. We decided to explore our ideas on tradition through acts of folding fabric: expose and conceal, in dance and in video projections.
  2. Tea as a marker of Irish hospitality and a self-test of belonging: on arrival to Ireland it is necessary for a migrant that it is sometimes OK to politely refuse a cuppa (by saying “I’m alright, thanks” of course, no negative language). Not being aware of the importance of tea cause my (Moran) first week in Ireland to end with very anxious, shaky hands due to too much caffeine. We are using tea as a marker of Irishness, knowing how late is too late to a meeting or a party, when to offer tea and when to refuse it, when a slag is a joke and when is it criticism. We’ve composed a three-part choreography telling the story of a migrant who arrives to the party too late, and processes the psychological complexity of belonging and longing in front of an audience.

We’re looking forward to continue working on these two themes over the next few weeks, with some exciting possible outcomes!

Some News from Landing:

  • We are delighted to be included in the upcoming LIVESTOCK Live Art evening, at the MART Gallery in Rathmines, 24th March, 7PM. Follow our Facebook page for more updates.
  • Draíocht published a review of PLATFORM ’18 on their blog by Des Kenny, including some notes on our work on water and migration included in the exhibition, you can read the review here:
  • Following PLATFORM exhibition, there will be a Performance PLATFORM event in which we’ll be showing some of our ongoing work from the residency. The event will happen at the Draíocht gallery on the 3rd of April. We’ll update on that as well.


A reminder that we’re welcoming visitors into our studios, just get in touch and come have a chat (and a cuppa)!


Aliina & Moran


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